Press Release

Recently one of my pieces, Jolene from the Two-29 series, made it into the paper. I am thrilled and very honored that my painting was used in conjunction with an article written by Maggie Gutierrez. Please follow this link to read, Woodlands Waterway Arts Council announces call to artists.
The portion of Maggie’s article that speaks about Exhibit 34 and Jolene is sub titled, So Many Styles, So Much Creativity.

Thank you for your time and have a blessed week


Tops Onalaska

Chapter #1942; Taking off Pounds Sensibly, a non-profit organization that supports and inspires real weight loss for real people. . .

had invited me to give a presentation at their May 14th meeting. Wow they are such a fun group! They frequently have lectures and programs at their meetings that both encourage and educate members for their ongoing wellbeing. The Onalaska chapter likes to introduce members to new things that may inspire them to keep on losing or to maintain their weight. I am honored to have been able to do a short demonstration of the Gelli Printing Plate, by Gelli Arts. I talked about the many things the prints can be used for, such as art journal backgrounds, scrapbooking layouts, actual mono print images and the list goes on. I believe perhaps some art journaling may lay in their future.

Journaling is a great way to get rid of the emotions that can sometimes well up from any struggle, especially one as personal as weight. And the best way to start getting it all out is to write it down, put all those thoughts, opinions and life long weight programming things on paper. Then wipe them away with paint and turn them into something pretty. The backgrounds made for art journaling by using the Gelli Plate is a great start to let the beautiful you shine from the inside out.

I have found, for me personally, that when I let the world around me become beautiful I feel better, not only about myself but about everything. Happiness is not always something we feel in a long term sort of way, but once you start having more moments of happiness those moments will grow longer and before you know it it is a long term thing. Creating is the perfect way to start the joy ball rolling. And besides it keeps your hands busy and your mind imagining.

I’m sorry to say I failed to take any pictures, but I did “borrow” this one from the Onalaska Texas Tops FaceBook page

I want to thank Sharon and Betty again for having me. I enjoyed the group very much and hope they had a good time. And Barbara I expect you to use that gelli journal you won as door prize, well I want you to anyway.

For more information visit Tops Club Inc., they have lots of chapters across the U.S. and Canada.

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