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I had the pleasure of meeting up with some local artist at Christ Church on League Line Road, March 9 and 10 . There the group hostess Sandy and Brenda instructed everyone on a technique using Joint Compound on canvas board and the use of paper dots, the punched out portion when using a hole punch. 

The joint compound, also called sheet rock mud and sometimes spackle, was laid on to form tree trunks. Once the compound was completely dry, black / dark brown, acrylic paint was added to create a birch looking tree. I’m fairly happy with how my piece came out and was very glad I had a frame that set it off well. 

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First contest

We are proud to announce that Jamie entered her first judged show, March 7, 2015, at the First Baptist Church on Main in Conroe Texas. She entered two pieces:

Why Not, acrylic on 24 x 12 inch stretched canvas, it won a second place ribbon. It gained its title from all the encouragement she garnered from other artist, who kept saying, “why not enter it?” It is the first in her series titled Two-29 and Jamie’s first face to be directly painted onto canvas, as she usually collages them onto canvas. It is scheduled for the April Exhibit at the Madeley Building Art Gallery on Simonton St. in Conroe Texas. Due to sentimental reasons Jamie has chosen to retain this piece in her private collection.

From the Brokenness, a mixed media piece on 10 x 8 inch stretched canvas, received an honorable mention. It has a small stretched canvas (2”x4”) that contains a broken china doll face, tiny glass beads, acrylic paint and paper clay work adhered to it. That small canvas is affixed onto the larger one that also has paper clay work on it. It's title was inspired by the broken china doll. This piece also includes a poem of same title. It is scheduled for the May Exhibit at the Madeley Building on Simonton St. in Conroe Texas. The finished framed piece (14½“ x 15½“) is available for purchase, please contact Jamie by email with Purchase Inquiry in the subject line,

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Artist Statement

3-2015                                                                                                Jamie L. Hatfield
Mixed-Media Artist

Jamie’s overall body of work leans towards Modern-Contemporary with splashes of Fantasy/Surrealism. It’s hard to pin down her style to any certain artistic genre, as she is still developing and redefining it. She is currently working on a series titled, Two-29. It is based on faces she has drawn without using models or reference photographs.

As an intuitive artist, Jamie can find inspiration from an overheard phrase or an image that has super imposed itself onto a feeling. The nature of people as well as life in general plays a part in her work. It really can’t be explained how her inspiration and ideas merge and layer into a finished piece. Jamie will select a face she has sketched from her folder and a canvas that suites the size and emotion of it. She re-draws her sketch onto the canvas and that is usually when a color pallet comes to mind. This is how she begins to emphasize the overall feeling of a piece whether it is, jovial, peaceful, or somber.

Jamie’s preferred medium is acrylic paint, but she does not limit herself to that. Oil pastels, graphite, color pencils along with inks can sometimes be spotted in her work. Found objects have a habit of making an appearance as well. Some of her favorite items to use are paper, metal bits, wire, wood, glass and or beads. Her use of material depends on that sacred language that happens between the piece and her heart. Due to Jamie’s lighthearted spirit and humor, she’s been known to bring a bit of the unexpected into her work.

Jamie says, “The best part of being a mixed media artist is, I’m not limited by the type of medium or genre that I do. And because of this or in spite of it, I’m able to create intuitively.” From there she continues to state, “I thank God, for the gift of creativity and I’m happy when someone smiles or otherwise gets enjoyment from what I do.”


Jamie lives and creates from Conroe Texas, in a studio behind her home called, My Purple Door Studios. She is married to the love of her life and they share seven children, many grandchildren and two dogs. Jamie is a proud thirty-four years young and states, “that’s just as good a number as any.” She has been creating in one way or another since the early 70s, math is not required. Jamie also writes poetry and a few of her paintings include a poem. She enjoys filming art videos for YouTube, and taking classes as time allows at Lone Star College and online. As an active member of Conroe Art League she can be found on occasion as a Docent at the Madeley building Art Gallery in Conroe. You may also find her online under the alias name of Artist Poet Girl.


We are happy

to announce

This new “professional” blog on behalf of Jamie, you may still read her personal blog, My Purple Door Studios. There you may find her occasional posts about everyday go’ins on.

Labels are on the right side bar, they are attached to posts as a reference for the main theme(s) of each post.

Tabs (top menu):

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Artist Statement – is where you may read about Jamie’s most recent works. Due to changes and status of Jamie's work this is subject to be updated as required. Her prior statements may be found under the Label - Artist Statement.

About Jamie - is where you will find a short Bio and some online information / links.

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