Mural Collaboration, Texas Children’s Hospital, The Woodlands Texas

Spear head Vickie McMillan, came out to recruit members of Conroe Art League to join in a mural collaboration project to benefit the new Texas Children’s Hospital in The Woodlands, it is expected to open in 2017. Various members accepted the call to brushes including Jamie.

Artists were to pick an image or two from a group Vickie had pre-selected of native Texas plants, birds and butterflies. They were to use acrylic paint, and paint in a basic style – no details, no background. Jamie chose to paint butterflies on the small canvases provided by Vickie. 

Mexican Bluewing

Pinevine Swallowtail

Various images are being painted by professional artists, students and children, to create a fun and lively scene. To ensure cohesion, Vickie will take care of the background and add paint strokes and perhaps enhance colors of the various images as may be needed. She will scan the painted images, digitally size, then stitch the images together into a 65 foot mural. This mural will not only beautify the hospital, but will help distract ill children from pains and such during long stays at the hospital or physical therapy. Hidden within the woodsy / fieldy nature scene will be playground type objects, offering a sort of I spy or seek and find game of entertainment.

Jamie has had the pleasure of signing her name to the artist canvas that will be on permanent display near the completed mural. Once the unveiling happens we will give you an update.

Thank you