Monday, March 9, 2015

First contest

We are proud to announce that Jamie entered her first judged show, March 7, 2015, at the First Baptist Church on Main in Conroe Texas. She entered two pieces:

Why Not, acrylic on 24 x 12 inch stretched canvas, it won a second place ribbon. It gained its title from all the encouragement she garnered from other artist, who kept saying, “why not enter it?” It is the first in her series titled Two-29 and Jamie’s first face to be directly painted onto canvas, as she usually collages them onto canvas. It is scheduled for the April Exhibit at the Madeley Building Art Gallery on Simonton St. in Conroe Texas. Due to sentimental reasons Jamie has chosen to retain this piece in her private collection.

From the Brokenness, a mixed media piece on 10 x 8 inch stretched canvas, received an honorable mention. It has a small stretched canvas (2”x4”) that contains a broken china doll face, tiny glass beads, acrylic paint and paper clay work adhered to it. That small canvas is affixed onto the larger one that also has paper clay work on it. It's title was inspired by the broken china doll. This piece also includes a poem of same title. It is scheduled for the May Exhibit at the Madeley Building on Simonton St. in Conroe Texas. The finished framed piece (14½“ x 15½“) is available for purchase, please contact Jamie by email with Purchase Inquiry in the subject line,

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