Sunday, April 12, 2015

Woodlands Waterway Art Festival 2015

What a day! As a member of Conroe Art League, I volunteered to work this really great festival and I committed my husband to work with me. We had gate duty, we handed out the festival flyer it contained a map, a time schedule for events and listed out the vendors and artist. We helped people put on the required wrist bands and welcomed them in to see and buy ART.

It was cool when we first got there and I almost wished I had put on a sweater instead of a long sleeved denim shirt. The treat of thunderstorms was very apparent with heavy clouds and closed umbrellas in most hands. But the morning shift went off without a drop. And by the end of our shift it had warmed up quite well, almost too well.

After changing out of our volunteer tee shirts we headed out to see the art for ourselves. And once again this festival did not disappoint. I didn’t really take pictures as most artist frown on that due to copyright issues, but I will show you the front of the flyer

And this photo of me, that my husband took, sitting on a musical art bench. We ate tacos and stopped to listen and watch various musical groups around the festival grounds. What fun we had looking at different types of art, touching wind chimes made from rocks – very cool I tell you and talking to artist from all over the U.S. It was a great day.

Perhaps you can come next year in April, Woodlands Waterway Art Festival located in The Woodlands Texas. God willing, I plan on being there, 

Take care and keep smiling, it makes your face happy

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