Sunday, April 26, 2015


I tell ya! By Kari Schmidt-Pukropski of Cornerstone Framing. She is our local framer here in Conroe. Kari worked with me and we came up with a smashing frame for my piece Why Not. It is just as fun as the painting and really makes her pop out to create a bold presence in the room. Yes I should have framed it BEFORE I put her in the judged spring show, but you know how it goes sometimes.

Kari has worked with several other local artist and they are all happy with the work she delivered. I believe that when you frame your art it does more than just create a boundary for your piece to stay in. I think it actually becomes an integral part of it, an extension of your piece. And after working with Kari I learned this is her belief as well and from my perspective this is a feature you want with a framer.

To contact and you may meet her in person

2 Girls, A Guy
And A

Featuring artwork from the John Porter Collection
Friday May 29, 2015   5-9pm (CDT)
Madeley Building / Conroe Art League 127 Simonton St. Downtown Conroe TX 77301

2 Girls: Suzanne Seiler & Julie Graham, A Guy: Beau Crump, Trailer: Cornerstone Framing & Design

There will be Ice Cream, Music, Art & a Load O’FUN!

Blessings for your week ahead


obat perangsang wanita said...
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MisS MiKO said...

I have not worked on much more than canvas board. I honestly think prefer paper and matting. That is a beautiful frame for your work and honestly IMHO makes it pop even more. Would you sell that piece with frame? Or is it just for showcasing purposes?

APG Jamie said...

thanks Meko xo. for sentimental reasons I'm hanging onto this one. She is in our living room & Johnny loves her.

Any of my Art that is framed comes (goes) with the frame. I really believe that the frame becomes part of the piece. IF buyer really didn't want the frame I would unframe it. . . to make them happy.

thanks for your comments